Juda's Wake
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2009 Starts with gigs and recording 2/24/2009
So the band has FINALLY gotten its sh*t together and starting tracking tunes for their upcoming CD! We're still playing gigs around recording, unlike last time when we didn't gig while recording. This makes it take longer but we think the end result will be better. You'll hear soon enough but come check out the new songs now on a stage near you!

2008 Grays Harbor Rocktoberfest

2008 Grays Harbor Rocktoberfest 9/11/2008
This year, we get to play at the Carnelian Agency's Grays Harbor Rocktoberfest and it's gonna be a killer show at the Eagles Hall in Aberdeen. If you want to hear great heavy bands and see The Wake on a big stage, this is it!

Oh, and we've been spending the last year writing our new tunes for the upcoming CD. We're starting to play those songs at the upcoming shows. Nuff said for now.

Yeah, there's old news too


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Audio Clips
Check out some long clips from our release, There Is Only Technology.

•  Loggerhead (DEMO) (mp3)
•  The Industry (mp3)
•  Naked Eye (mp3)
•  Drowning (mp3)
•  Soldier (mp3)

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